Team Atom

Server Rates: Instant 85

Version: 4.0.6- 4.3.0

Server Type: Funserver

Information: Team Atom is running on a fully functional trust-worthy core that allows you the smoothest gaming experience, and also provides 24/7 uptime. Instant level 85 and free starter gear means that you are able to join in the fun from the moment you first step into our world. Our five years of knowledge, dedicated staff and our loyal population means that we know exactly what players want – so with our fully scripted custom instances and custom made events you will never be bored!

We do not put an emphasis on either PvP or PvE, but instead provide everyone with the option to do either! For those who love to pit their wits against other players, our PvP system will not leave anyone disappointed by providing access to gear ranging from Vicious all the way to Cataclysmic! – Not only do most of our Battlegrounds & Arenas work almost perfect, but we actively promote on a daily basis by rewarding players for participating in Battlegrounds/Arenas and by hosting unique PvP events. For those who like to take up arms with your friends and participate in the long complex battles of PvE; once again, we do not disappoint! - We have created our very own PvE experience with Daily Quests, World Bosses, Custom Instances and much more constantly on its way!

Come Join The Fun!!