Server Name: Deathknell - Sol Blizzlike
Deathknell dot CC
Forum: Through our website.
Uptime: 99% No lies.
Version: Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a

Sol Blizzlike is as you can guess, a Blizzlike server that existed for more than 6 years. Our current goal is to provide everyone more fun while still keeping it as Blizzlike as possible, but to still get all players a faster run towards the maximum level to do more raids and/or Battlegrounds.

Our default XP rate is 12x the normal XP. You can toggle between the high XP and 1x rate with a special function in-game.

Everything is scripted with C++, not just regular SQL.

We are one of the first if not FIRST with a fully working ICC Gunship battle, fully scripted with C++ by our own developers.

Our staff consists of 5 helpful and friendly English speaking GMs. Our community welcomes all people from around the world to play for FREE on our server.

Sol Blizzlike doesn't contain custom items. The only custom content we have are:

  • Vote vendors: vote rewards and a vote-heirloom vendor, where even people without a level 80 can get a heirloom at a low vote token cost;
  • A relentless weapon questgiver, because Blizzard removed the relentless weapons from the game, leaving players with either Furious weapons or harder to obtain Wrathful weapons;
  • A global channel called WORLD, where you can communicate with everyone from your faction.

We really want to create a big community with players from all around the world. Friendly "veteran" old players are willing and dying to help every new player out with leveling and gearing if needed. Our staff will deliver support and even fun events with nice rewards!

Where other servers, which I won't name, have QUEUES to play at which is just plain *that which comes out of a bull's backside*, we won't ever enable them. Those queues are just for getting money out of YOUR pocket for their own personal benefits, despite of what people might say. This should be a well known fact.

We at Deathknell - Sol Blizzlike are honest. When we say it's scripted, IT IS scripted with C++, completely to the last symbol in it and as Blizzlike as possible. You play completely for FREE at us, no monthly payments, no payments for skipping queues. Screw that.

The rates are 12x XP at this moment. Join now and level fast! Or take it the slow way with our special XP option in-game.

Other features:

  • Fully working Battlegrounds with Random Battleground function
  • Scripted Dungeons and the Random Dungeon Finder
  • Weekly quests for both normal and raids and faction raids!
  • 10-man, 25-man and heroic version raids of Icecrown Citadel, Trial of the (Grand) Crusader, Onyxia's Lair, The Ruby Sanctum, The Vault of Archevon and more!
  • Scripted (Heroic) dungeons!
  • Working Arena system with weekly arena point flush
  • Fully working Wintergrasp! Including VOA10/25 scripted!
  • Server transfers are allowed from any server to Sol Blizzlike!

How to Play:
Done in only a few steps, forum registration is NOT required, but if you want to make suggestions and other comments please do take time to register on our forums. You can find the instructions on our website under HOW TO CONNECT.

One last thing:
If you're planning on joining the Horde side, I'll be glad to greet you on my side. If you're joining Alliance, I hope to see you on the battlefield. Join and let's have fun!