1. What is SuccessionCraft Server?
SuccessionCraft is a private server using 1.12.1 client and running on mangos zero that is aiming to give you amazing blizzlike vanilla experience. We have 3x exp rates and everything else is 1x. Why 3x experience rate? Well some people really hate leveling but we don't want to give them like 10x or higher rates for leveling it makes leveling quite meaningless. Also instant levels are big NO!

2. How long does leveling take?
Its really hard to say it depends what kind of player are you? Like do you like leveling professions and stuff while you level or just grinding quests to get level 60 as fast as possible, also your class is a big part of how fast you level. But after some investigating it takes around 3 to 5 days of played time.
Also low experience rates will enable all dungeons, this means that people can do dungeons while they level. In servers that have higher experience rates, you go to dungeon "BOOM! BOOM!" And you are suddenly from 19-25 level. And also the items you get there will go meaningless in no time.

3. Is there any donations or vote rewards?
The anwser is NO! We hate voting and donations rewards. We want our players to work for their gear and gold, we don't want that people just vote everyday to get their dungeon set gears or donate for epics. But we still want our players to vote for our server to make the community bigger.

4. What raids are available at SuccessionCraft?
We currently have Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair open. We will be opening Zul'gurub quite soon after the offical release and other raids also in future.

5. When does the beta end and when is the offical release?

Beta is scheduled to end at: 01.06.2012

Offical Release is scheduled to: 14.06.2012 - 21.06.2012

6. Do BattleGrounds work?
Yes they do.

7. Does honor system work?

Yes it does.

8. Do Dungeons work?
Yes they do work but there might be some bugs at the moment in some of them especially the lower level ones.

9. Old School Mounts?
Okay for those who don't know what the Old School Mounts are check it out on youtube
These "Old School Mounts" are only available to be bought during the beta, after offical release you can't buy them anymore but you get to keep them if you have any.

10. How long has SuccessionCraft been up.
First of all, SuccessionCraft has had TBC Funserver before, but we decided to move in to a vanilla project that is more Blizzlike. We have been running private servers since the end of 2008.
The vanilla project has been under work since the last summer, but the beta opened at 01.03.2012.

(Taken from website faq)

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