Heroic WoW is looking for new member to join our community! Our unique community has experienced and skilled players – both in PvE and PvP. Fully scripter Ruby Sancum, Vault of Archavon, stable – lag free server, Great GM support with experienced developers. Lich King FULLY scripted and much more. We also offer FREE transfers! Level 80, 200 item level and 1000 gold for the first people who join us. One lucky member will also be elected for a level 232 iLvL, 5000 gold and 2 mounts for free!

Blizzlike version 3.3.5a private WoW server based on a modified Trinity Core.

12x Experience
5x Professions
5x Reputation
3x Money
3x Drop
1x Honour

What we offer:
No custom gear, everything works as it's meant to be, including:
100% Working Wintergrasp
99% Working ICC
100% Working Battlegrounds
95% Working Arenas
99% Working Spells
96% Working Achievements
90% Working Quests
24/7 GM-Support
Regular events

Website Unstucker& Reviver, just in case!

Existing Vote and Donation shops

Our dedicated server, located in Germany:

2 Intel i7 Quad-Core 3.20 GHz
2x 1TB SATA Hard Drives
100/100mbit unmetered internet connection

Any Questions? Visit us on: