Dispersion WoW is now LIVE and itís looking for players.

We are a brand new 3.3.5a Private Server running on a Trinity Core with latest fixes/updates. The server is hosted on a dedicated machine and provides you a great gaming experience. We have currently peaks of over 150 players online. Players will have lag just when we are updating the server.

The server is running as a Windows Service and not as a normal service.(no world downtime).

Currently we have just 1 Realm Live, but we are planning to open a 3.3.5a 29 Twink Realm and a 4.2.0 Mid Rate Realm.

Realm Info:

Instant 80.
Instant Professions
Starting places in Orgrimmar and Stormwind.
Starting Gear Season 6 and tier 8.
No heroic items at vendors, just normal ones. You can get heroic items just by doing normal raids.
Season 7 and Season 8 with Honor/Arena Points & Rating.
Any race/class combination.
PVP Quest and Global PVP Token.
PVP Titles earned through kills.
The Battlegrounds & Arenas are Working.
30 Secs Players Save Interval.
Custom Scripts like : Universal Teleporter, Vote NPC and Beastmaster.
Custom Core adds like ban/mute/kick announces.
Line of sight and map height enabled.
Working Spells and Daily Fixes.
Active Community and Friendly Staff Members

Server Review

Server Trailer (getting a new one soon)