Project: Havok-WoW
General Information:
Announced Realm: Area52
Area52 is an AV realm. What is a AV realm you ask? You must have not played WoW on private servers back in TBC.
AV realm - Alterac Valley realm is a non-stop battleground realm where you fight for the glory of your faction and for your own non-ending bloodlust. We welcome with open arms any enthusiast who loved vanilla's +1 day long Alterac Valley battlegrounds or loves the feel of real war that goes on for years. If you are one of the people that think nowadays 30min-60min battlegrounds are bland and plain unentertaining then head over to Havok-WoW and specialy Area52 will be your new home! I urge you to come, meet the community, spread the word and when the time comes gear up and start your journy in Havok-WoW. Finally, don't forget to share your epic war stories once you become a veteran of Havok-WoW.
Ghostcrawler and Reluctant
Detailed Area52 features:
-Custom Daily Quests
-Custom Scripts
-VIP zone
-Neutral and Competative Malls

Additional Information:
Why should you join us? I invite you to join us because we offer an AV realm that will never be seen anywhere else, because our staff is already filled with experienced people who have been around since TBC and before. I also urge you to join so that you can finally feel the true and pure sensation of an PvP (soon PvE as well) private server without any of the b*llshit you'll find elsewhere.
Area52 will launch in beta between the 27th of May and 30th of June.

Personal Information, Story and Motives to be working for this project:
Hello my current alias is Archit now I am 17 years old and I am working as a in-game developer in Havok-WoW but I wont stop there I'll also be doing tickets and helping out anyone with whatever they need or ask.

3 years ago my home Ani-WoW closed down and I was absolutely devastated. I joined when I was almost 12 years old and I never EVER changed to another server. The community felt warm, AV was a warzone of 2 titans (Horde faction and Alliance faction) and people even role-played which brought everyone even closer togheter. When Ani-WoW's time came it was already forever engraved in my heart and I still feel it deep inside me.

Since then I've been trying with every limb of my body to find or recreate the new Ani-WoW and now that I am closer than I've ever been before I want to invite you to my dream and ask you to help new players instead of laughing at them. I want and hope that you, the player, help out the unskilled in your spare time instead of facerolling them in a duel after which leaving with a cold laugh and a comment "NOOB". I need your help to spread the word about Havok-WoW even if you are not an old member of Ani-WoW. Whoever you are I am sure you've played on another AV server or you've felt the scaring pain of getting torn out by force from what you love and praise. Our server will be opening PvE realms as well so even if you are not a fan of PvP or AV realms just feel like you are investing in to the future.