Acheron Features:

The servers rates are balanced with a main focus on the PvP side of the game, without giving up
the PvE, raids and epic raids are still a big part of the game.

Friendly Staff Members

Most quests are working

Friendly community

Great website and forums

You begin with 10 gold so you can train for your spells.


Kill xp rates: 30x
Quest xp rates: 30x
Exploration xp rates: 30x
Honor rates: 5x

Poor item drop rate: 5x
Normal item drop rate: 15x
Uncommon item drop rate: 20x
Rare item drop rate: 30x
Epic item drop rate: 2x
Legendary item drop rate: 1x
Artifact item drop rate: 1x
Referenced item drop rate: 1x
Money drop rate: 30x

We need players to join to avoid closing down the server. If we get 25 people by July 1, the server will continue to run, and the players can continue the enjoyment that this server brings.

If you join by June 20 and whisper or send mail to
Prius in-game, you will be awarded with 500 gold and a Baby Blizzard Bear companion pet.

Server website with connection guide:
WoW CENTRUM Community Servers

Hope to see you in game. -GM Prius