About Us

We where just a group of friends that got together and decided to make a hamachi private server then one of us had money bought everything and now we are live. The reason we named it Hallucination-WoW is because it's not really there and the people you are talking to are not directly by you so you are in a way hallucinating that they are there

New Private server out there we have a ventrilo, website, *Website here* ---> Hallucination-WoW.net that you can sign up on and go play. we have dedicated staff, still in process of being built but Improving quickly, Custom mall, Instant 85 PvP, teleporter works but needs new porting locations, Hoping to add PvE in the near future. Website is still being fixed and needs a few more things added. but come sign up today and leave feedback on this thread?

-Cookiemonster A.K.A the owner