Psionic-WoW | Arena & PvP 3.3.5 Server! -- Registration Page

Psionic-WoW is a brand new server! I'd like to focus the server on PvP and Battlegrounds. Killing players gives you tokens you can use to get even better gear to be better than the rest! We have voter items and donor items! The server has only been up since July 9th, 2012, but I ensure you it will stay up as long as possible. 3.3.5, Working Arena, Working Battlegrounds, Season 7 and Season 8, will be fun when more players start registering! GM spots are available, prove yourself to me and be active on the server and you too can be a GM! The mall is on top of Icecrown Citadel and has all the essentials for you to start doing Arena! Free season 7 armor and weapons vendors, trainers, gems, glyphs, mounts and riding training! The admin of the server goes by; Brandon or Brandonz. You can e-mail me at [email protected].

Thank-you for reading, I hope to see you soon!