[Shijiegames] Battle of the Immortals Evolution

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    [Shijiegames] Battle of the Immortals Evolution

    Hey folks and gamers,

    I'd like to present the following private server, hosted by a company called Shijiegames and they're are seperated from all the other private servers such as BoiGermany, BoiWar, BoiGenesis etc. All the other server's are ran by the same Owner and is pretty much a rip off.

    A team now has developed a great community, active and serious staff working nearly every day on new updates, which you've not seen before, if you ever played BoI private servers. It's optimized and always up-to-date with the official game hoster PWE. Thus you can enjoy the newest and best updates and everything works fully.

    For those, who're not familiar with the game, here's a trailer.

    We've increased rates of course, Exp-rate is at x50 and Drop-rate at x50 as well. This way you're able to Lvl. and farm very quick to reach new instances/bosses.

    What makes this server unique is their effort and activity. Every reasonable idea/suggestion is taken into consideration and you see them most likely in the next patch. Donation available on the forum, but you do not gain extra power by donating, again, all the other p.servers expect donations, so we easily get overpowered donators.

    Pet's have been completely buffed, they gain more exp now than ever and are way stronger than before and more concerning pet's will be added in the near future to be the best out of them!

    This way, we've balanced players and you can truely enjoy the game. They're about to get their own custom client, so clientsides issues can be fixed and updates can be implemented as well. The zen shop contains a lot of free items, zen is the game currency and there's also a free zen system, means you do not have to do anything but simply get several thousands of zen a day to spend on various items!

    Are you worrying about the beginning and how to start? We've plenty new stuffs for beginners to make it as easy as possible! You will level and get your gears in no time to start the fun -> PvP!

    Ancient Ruins added to the new update. It's comparable to a PvP map, mainly made for players to have fun especially if you want an alternative to grinding, you can always enter this area to PvP with others or simply with friends!

    The server population is increasing day by day, which reflects the seriousness and sincerity of the staff. Almost all servers are marked as busy, which you do not even see in the official game, build up your opinion and decide!

    Everything in game has been increased, new drop's added to the instances/bosses, it really is worth a try and you can decide, if you want to become a member. Feel free to ask/add anyhing on the forum, it'll certainly be answered.

    I do not want to say too much, try the rest yourself and build up your own opinion about this server. Stop wasting time on servers, which are based on money, where the Owners are lazy to the top and irresponsible towards the community.

    Join Batte of the Immortals Evolution and it's literally an Evolution!



    In order to play Evolution, download the following client:


    Once finished, go to the Folder called "BoiGermany". Find the Bin folder, open and then search for ServerList.ini. Once opened, delete the existing line and add the following to be able to connect to Boi Evolution!

    node server normal Evolution boiauth.shijiegames.com 30002 23 1

    Random pictures of custom pet's, which will most likely be added!


    Thanks to the staff to allow us advertising private servers.

    - Kirha
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