Who we are
Travianist is a Travian.com clone server. We got higher rates than the regular Travian servers, which makes the game more
fun. We don’t got too high rates either, so the competitive gameplay is stil there. We are running on TravianX v6.0, and
are nearly bugless. For you that haven’t played Travian before, it’s an online browser game (that means no download
required), where you go back in time and get to feel how it is to control a village. At sign-up you can choose between
Romans, Teutons and Gauls. The different tribes unlock different city production and troops. There are also more fun stuff
like fighting, trading, allianced and even more! There are also weekly awards for the top players, which you can show
off at your profile and alliance.

What we offer
We offer a fun gameplay which is faster than the regular Travian, but not so fast that it’s boring. We got fast support, the
site is fast so you won’t have to experience that annoying lag, and of course we’re free. We also got events where we
hand out gold and awards. We also do our best to keep the competition between alliances and players, without ruining
the game for new players.

Address: Travianist - Competitive GameplayTravianist