Hi all
I'm new to AC-web and use to host SG WoW Server 1.12.x using the old wow emu since 2006 but have stop hosting since 2008. Now I'm back again rehosting using AlterWoW and many many thx to Mangos dev team and Ryan of AlterWoW.
Hope everyone will join and like it ^_^
My server is base in Singapore (Asia)
- Rate: Blizzlike
- Compatible with client versions 1.12.x
- Fully spawned world
- Most quests working (Haven't tested all so cant say if its 100% yet )
- From what ive seen honor system is working. Not completely sure it has complete functionality yet though
- All instances spawned and 90%-95% scripted

Looking for GM too, interested email me at [email protected]
cheers ^^