Who are we:

Nitya is a World of Warcraft role-playing community, dedicated to RP and RP events. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe environment, where people can role-play to their heart's content with very little restriction. All we ask here at Nitya, is to be reasonable, respect others, and have fun! Instant 85, and access to player commands such as .additem, .morph, .tele, and many others makes it easy, fun and simple to role-play with us.

Server Features & Information:
We run a server using Skyfire core, at patch 4.0.6 with a dedicated host, near 100% up-time and very stable. We have a fast growing community, with 41 active members, and rising daily. We have a helpful, and friendly staff, that we wish to expand on once our community grows. After we get a couple more members we'll be opening staff applications up on our site (If you are interested see the recruitment section down below for more details). We also have a dedicated Nitya Ventrilo, and will be releasing a custom launcher for easy access to our server.

Getting Involved:
Whether you are interested in playing on our server, just stopping by and checking it out, or even interested in becoming staff for the future. Here are our forums. All you need to do is register there to start your adventure. To start playing create an account here log in and have fun!

Our Policy:
All we ask at Nitya is that you be respectful, follow a few simple rules, and have fun! We have an easy application process when it comes to characters, guilds/organizations and even player housing. Designed by our very own Loremaster to keep things simple, fun, and fair. We welcome everyone to Nitya, people experienced in role-play to those who have a new-found interest, or just people who want to try it.

Staff Needs:
As our community expands we will need to add staff to our team for it's growing demand. Some thing's we will be looking for in the future: Role-Play Moderator (Similar to a GM, just with more responsibilities), Assistant Developers, and possibly others. You can visit our staff recruitment page here for even more detail about the job descriptions, what we expect out of you, and what you can expect from us.

A special Thanks to Shoo77ter, Nasro, and LORDN00DLE1 of AC-Web for their beautiful graphical work.