Hey Guys,

Adapt WoW is now Public, we aren't accepting normal players yet, although we are in-need of in-game builders and a developer experienced with an ArcEmu core.

Here is what we have built so far;
-Latest ArcEmu Core.
-Max Level 255.
-2 Leveling Roads (More to come).
-Insane Starter,100,200 and 255 gear created.
-Insane World Boss, Dungeon, Event, Vote and Donor gear created.
-One mall 3/4 created (More to come).
-Loads of cool LUA scripts already implemented and working (Many more to come).
-Teleporter with just about every location in the world & Telestone.

There is a lot more coming very soon, a lot of big changes are in the making!

We are in rather dire need of an experienced core developer, we have a few minor issues that I know an experienced core developer can fix such as;

  • We need to change the max skill levels e.g 1h axe skill needs to be 1275.
  • We are in need of a custom patch so that our weapons work, and gear is able to be equipped with right-click.
  • We also need to change player caps on stats such as haste, dodge and attack.

Here is a list of the staff I am currently in need of;

Head Developer

1/1 (Apihl)



Head Admin:




Head GM:




There are currently no plans in place for a second realm, although it's main concept which will be Instant 85, PvP.

If you would like to learn more about the server or apply for one of the above positions, please head to our Forums.

The VPS is now live, here are the speedtest results;