Passive WoW is a brand new instant 80, WotLK private server that aims to offer competitive PVP (for a change). Before examining our long list of features, you should be aware of some of the "features" which we lack:

  • NO custom gear.
  • NO custom items.
  • NO custom spells.
  • NO custom anything.
  • NO overpowered donation items

Now that we have that cleared up, here is a 6 minute video which walks you through the gearing process on Passive. This isn't meant as a guide, but more of a showcase of the professional quality work that has been put into making the mall and core convenient enough to cater to our target audience: PVPers.

As you can see, you start out with all class abilities and relevant weapon skills. You do not need to max them out at an NPC. You do not need to spam the "Train" button for 5 minutes.

You don't need to search for older enchants that are of no value in level 80 PVP. You get the best enchants available instantly through our enchantment NPC, which by the way, handles all profession-related enchants as well as castable items, such as Eternal Belt Buckle.

We also have a transmogrification system which offers complete transmog sets as rewards for unlocking arena rating. (Thanks to a lifetime arena stats system that's going to provide all kinds of neat information for the future, such as faction rewards, forum awards, and more.) In addition, we have quite possibly the most unique transmog system on any private server: donators can contribute to the server and receive tokens, with which they can buy and unlock their own, personal, account-wide transmog set. They can then save any set of gear (i.e. RP gear acquired through voting) with a single click, without having to manually transmog each item.

We'll have a video for this coming soon, but for now you'll have to check us out in-game! And one major feature we didn't mention was the fact that we're reviving world PVP, with incentives for capping the objectives in Zangarmarsh, where both malls are located. For more information, visit our website at

Our realmlist:

Note that if anyone is an able developer or web developer, help is appreciated as we are understaffed in that area. Just be mature and have a solid knowledge of the requirements: either C++ and experience working with TrinityCore, or experience with both backend and frontend languages for web development.