Server Name: ScarrGaming
Server Rates: All rates are x1 (we run slightly increased rates for weekends and holdiays)

Version: 3.3.5a Wrath of The Lich King

Server Type: Blizzlike.

Hi, our realm is meant to be blizzlike as far as possible, therefore we dont have any custom content in game, we run at x1 rates, and start from Tier 7/Season 5 to introduce new content following content later. We are brand fresh and new realm, started at 10.08.2010. We just start growing, come and grow with us . ScarrGaming is a great place for a players who love to work on theyre characters and achievemnts. We have working class spells, skills, quests and so on. Stable visual maps of our own and movement maps being developed currently. All available content works as intended and as it should be working.


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