For a very long time, our line of servers have been the center of competitive PvP and exhilarating events. We believe it's time to renew that fact. On Monday, August 13 we will launch our Global Arena Tournament qualification realm. Qualifications will be open to any and all players that wish to participate in the 3v3 tournament, and win a portion of a near $1,100 prize pool!. We're expecting big names and exciting matches. I'll clarify every aspect of the tournament below.
The qualification realm will be open for any players who want to play. All players on the qualification realm must name their characters after characters on either Malygos or Nefarian. If they do not have a character there, they must make one.
In order to qualify, teams must be amongst the top eight highest rated at the close of the qualification realm (2 weeks time). In the case of tied rating, the team with the better win-loss ratio will qualify before the other. Only a maximum of four people per team will be admitted. Only the top eight will be admitted, but everyone in the top 10 will receive a reward of 35 donor points on an account of choice – no account may be rewarded more than once. All qualifiers will receive the “Vanquisher” title for their character on their respective realms.

8-team Double Elimination
Rounds 1, 2, and 3 will be best of 3 wins. The final three matches will be best of 5.
First map of every fight will be Nagrand Arena, loser chooses the subsequent map.

All players attending the tournament will be required to send me a private message on our forums with the names of the 3-4 players on their team and the realm on which their original character is on. The additional member can substitute any one other member in the active comp when allowed to do so.

All comps must consist of a melee, caster, and healer. Hunters are melee.
Players that are more than 15 minutes late to their match forfeit their team.
Players may change comp only during rounds two and four.
Players will have 3 minutes before every match to strategize.
No matches will be stopped or restarted unless the server crashes or one of the server rules are broken.

Prizes (awarded to the team as a whole, to be distributed however):
First – $600
Second – $300
Third – $150

We're also looking for commentators, so if you're interested in that - send me a private message. Include your experience.Tournament takes place between August 29 and August 30.Good luck!

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