We wish to invite you to be a part of a brand new private server. To be a part of a community, to make new friends and to achieve goals with them. To be a part of one realm, where players control the game, the outcome of the battles between The Mighty Alliance and The Powerful Horde. These battles can take place in the usual battlegrounds, arenas and why not if you like to in the city`s of the opposite faction. We are not planning to make this a server for a few players, we are trying to build up a community, where we can be friends or foes in game and good friends in real life.

We are running on 3.3.5a Patch, with the latest trinity core. We also offer some bonuses for a few players you can check this on our forum to get more information about this. The server rates are listed bellow, so you wont have to worry about leveling too much. We also expect to receive feedback on our forums to make the server a better place for anyone who whats to join. We want to give a great game experience even if your just starting to enjoy the World of the game and also if your all ready a hardcore player.

So come traveler, feast your eyes on our server, sharpen your weapons, train your skills, you will be able to achieve great reputation and honor by slashing your enemy`s with cold blood or be a part of the capital management of the game and have great fortune in gold and items....

Server name: Euforic WoW
Server Website: Euforic WoW - Home
Server Forums: Euforic WoW • Index page
Server Armory: www.euforic.net/armory

* Server Rates *

  • Experience: 15x
    Quest XP: 20x
    Crafting (Prof): 2x
    Gathering (Prof): 2x
    Reputation: 20x
    Honor: 5x
    Arena Points: 1x

Rise Champions and achieve greatness.