Hello, I am here advertising Our WoW Server.

What This Server Contains.

All Realms, Are nearly bug free, And lag free.

3 Realms, Malygos - Funserver, Ragnoras - Highrate, Marrowgar - 39 Twink (Coming Soon)

Malygos - Funserver

Custom Classes, Sunstalker, Shadow Knight, Bounty Hunter - 20$ Each or 45$ in a bundle.
Magical Hearthstone - Teleporter
Custom Stairways
Unique Custom Raids/Dungeons
Non-Overpowered Custom Gear.
Friendly Staff.
Daily/Weekly events (Depending on player base)
Weekly Updating
Always Fixing the minor bugs we have.
Xp Rates: 50
Quest Rates: 65

Ragnoras - Highrate

Ragnoras containts Bug-Free Gaming.
Spells: 94%
Quests: 80%
XP: 16
Quest: 22
Daily fixes.
85% of Raids/Dungeons Scripted

Marrowgar - 39 Twink (Coming Soon)

Marrowgar Contains, Level 39 PvP.

Working Battlegrounds
Working Arenas
Working Spells
Custom Items
Custom Raids (For those interested in 30-40 Raids)
Weekly Events.
95% of Spells Work
98% of Skills Work.

These Realms are running on, Lava-Core, A modified version of Arcemu.

Custom Classes!


Shadow Knight

Great Events!

Impossible Mountain Stairway

Arkham Asylum Stairway

Friendly Staff

Currently we do not have much Population, But a few days/weeks of Voting, And advertising from our Members, And i am sure we could be a great Server!

So, Why wait to join?
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Need email support? No Problem!

Email: [email protected]

We hope to see you Online, For those that make Videos/Recruit a Friend, Or Vote, Rewards are very high as we are in need of population.

Lava-Gaming Administration