Portuguese WOW server

WowPT is a private portuguese server brought back from the ashes in November2008, after a Classic WoW era.
Wowpt always kept contact with portuguese players so that they can feel at home, yet players from other countries are also welcome to the community. We are always looking for new oportunities to enrich our community, perhaps you may be the new contribution to this treasure?

We have multiple realms, still the recomended realm is:

Winterchill @ WOWPT (patch 3.3.5a)

The list of realms is the following
  • 1.12.1(Classic)
  • 2.4.3 (TBC)
  • 3.3.5a(WotLK)
  • 4.3.4 (Cataclysm)
  • Considering the hipothesis of adding a 5.0.0 server, as soon as it's stable.

Here's the main download page, here you can download Classic, TBC, WotLK and Cataclysm clients, already configured to play on our server.

with the act of registering you're creating an account in every realm and in our forums:


- Medium Rates
- Quests fully working (98% and getting higher )
- Start Zones Fully working.
- Raids/Dungeons working at 100%
- Friendly staff
- Friendly comunity
- Vote system includes: Char Trader, Faction changer, customise, with possible new additions to the vote shop
- Every week there are brand new atractive events
- Friendly rules and easy to understand

-Guild Houses
-Custom Daily quests to promote both PVE and PVP

A whole new world awaits you... what you expecting!? Join this adventure, BE A LEGEND!


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so the links are the following XD


Register Page
WoWPT - Once Reborn We Shall Never Die