Ever wanted to play World of Warcraft for free? Or are you a WoW veteran that just wants to let off some steam and would enjoy getting to 70 in a few hours to try something new. WoWLegacy is here to do just that.

What does WoWLegacy offer?:
~ Free to play FOREVER. We are completely supported by voluntary donations.
~ Constant uptime.
~ Friendly Community.
~ Three Realms that offer very diverse gameplay experiences.
~ Communication with the community on Ventrillo as well as forums and in-game.
~ Events are run by our Game masters often.

Our Realms:

Genesis is our funserver. Genesis allows you to acquire EXP 60 times faster than the the retail(official Blizzard) realms. You will also find custom items on this server that offer unique stats. This server is the only one at the moment that allows you to recieve rewards for donating that give a competitive advantage. This server is best for players who wish to get to 70 quickly and focus on PvP.

Blackwind is our midserver. Blackwind offers you to gain EXP at a slower rate than Genesis but still much faster than retail. This server does not reward donations with custom items. This server is best suited to those who want to experience progression without the competitive edge of the donation items.

Gaia is our slowest rate as well as our role-playing server. This server has the same items as Blackwind. This server is best suited to the players who like to role-play as well as those who wish to have the closest playing experience to retail wow.

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