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    ExistenceRO 20/20/Custom PK Server

    Server Site: Existence Ragnarok Online

    Tired of the same boring ragnarok gameplay? Tired of being the Pker with no reason to kill other people then growing your Epeen? Tired of being the White Knight that gets no rewards for killing the PKer? If you answered yes to any one of the above questions this server will be just what your looking for. ExistenceRO brings a fresh new style of PvP to the lovable Ragnarok Online game. ExistenceRO features a unique PK point system that rewards PKer's with experience and money from the victims they kill but if they get caught by a white knight looking to rid the server of the evil murderer they have a chance they could drop an item when killed. When someone has killed to many people everyone can see it by the color of the aura that surrounds them. Red is the first aura then blue then black being the highest amount of kills. If someone has a black aura it means they have killed over 60 people and you should be careful.

    0-99 no effect
    100 to 199 Red Flame Aura
    200 to 299 Blue Flame Aura
    300+ Black Flame Aura

    White knights have a skill at there disposal which helps fight Pker's while allowing them to keep their good reputation and avoiding the gain of PK points making it so they themselves do not have to worry about getting an aura themselves.

    PvP commands:

    @pvpkillon - turns pk on allowing you to kill anyone but you'll gain pk points when doing so this is enabled by default.
    @pvpkilloff - turns pk off you will not be able to kill anyone you can still buff heal anyone.
    @karma - shows your current amount of pk points.
    @showkarma - Turns on the gain of pk points and the decrease of them.
    @pvpcapture - Turns capture on allows you to kill anyone with 30+ pk points without gaining pk points your pk points must be 0-30 to use this option.

    Benefits for Killing people:
    Killing players will grant you 2% exp* and 1% zeny.

    Class Pets and Mercenaries:
    Mercenary and homonculus will not kill when @pvpkilloff is enabled but they can be used to pk people when its turned on. Pets are able to also attack and kill when pvp is on and when its off they will only attack monsters like normal while your leveling.

    Town/city rules
    Player with 100+ PK points are not allowed in maps flagged city/town.
    If you attempt to enter a city with 100+ PK points you will be teleported to PK jail where you will have to pay a fee or wait a time, based on your Karma points.
    The only exception to this is the meeting place and market are the only safe zones for PKer's but they have to find a way to sneak to the location without getting killed.

    Pk Jail
    You can leave PK jail at anytime by Bribing the guard to let you out. Or you can wait a specific time and it will let you out.
    If you have under 199 karma points, guard will let you out for a bribe of 5k zeny. OR waiting 10 mins
    If you have 200 to 299 karma points, guards will let you out for a bribe of 15k zeny. Or wait 20 mins
    If you are at above 300 karma points, guard will let you out with a bribe of 25k zenyOr wait 25 mins
    How to lose pk points? Every 2 minute you will lose 1 point

    GVG & Pvp rooms have no PK point penatlies so you don't have to worry about getting a red aura and dropping anything when you die.

    Besides the unique PvP system ExistenceRO provides other interesting things that you can't find in the official servers. Some of which are fun mini games!

    Capture the flag- Two teams red and blue fighting for the flag trying to score points and win the game from the other team.
    Mortal Kombat Arena- Like fair 1v1 arena not only that but based off of Mortal Kombat? Well you will enjoy this game complete with the FIGHT! and FINISH HIM sounds from Mortal Kombat!
    Daisy Russian Roulette- If your more lucky then daisy you can win big rewards and watch daisy kill herself. This game includes free donation currency to put towards the shop.
    Morroc Poring Invasion- Every few hours old morroc gets invaded by massive amounts of porings with a unique poring boss some of the porings drop unique pet tames, and free donation currency as well as a challenge trying to slowly clear the porings without getting yourself killed.
    Lottery Tickets- The lotto is held daily allowing you a chance to win a jackpot which is increased everytime someone pays to use the banker or extended storage system if no one wins the jackpot will keep growing until someone is lucky enough to win the zeny!

    Unique NPC's & Features:
    Midnight Uncarder- For a fee of zeny midnight will unslot cards from your gear for you.
    Avek lvl 4 weapon slotter- Avek can give slots to many of the first generation level 4 weapons which don't compare as much with most of the new generation weapons. For a generous amount of zeny he will attempt to add slots to the weapon it will work with weapons found from all the MVP's in game!
    Responsive NPC's- Their are various responsive NPC's which will respond to what is said to them in say chat making it easy to get healed and warp to a location simply by speaking at the NPC. Responsive NPC's have actually been added in quests providing an interesting new element to the game and requiring less *Click* *Click* Click*.
    Custom Kaho Spriter- Allows you to make your Kaho headgear to use any sprite that you would like by paying a small Gil fee (donation currency) for a contract. During the contract time you can change the sprite as many times as you would like then at the end of the contract what ever your sprite was will be what it will stay. This allows you time to try out headgears to find the best out of all of them that you like the most!
    Greed quest for all classes- Allows you to obtain the greed skill with any class making looting during farming much faster while not breaking the PvP item drop system.
    Banker + extended storage- The banker allows you to store your money without having to trade it to a friend it chains with all of your accounts allowing you to give money to your other characters. The extended storage located within the bank allows you to store quest items which are normally not bankable it provides 100 extra items for each one of your characters on your account.

    Seasonal Quests and Dungeons:
    Christmas Cooking Quests- During December many fun mini-games and seasonal quests open up along with cooking quests which give buff food that can be farmed all winter long. Other fun quests are the build a snowman quest and the donation to the childrens hospital which rewards many custom items and headgears from some of your favorite anime's.

    Halloween Undead Prontera- During halloween many quests open up with them comes the mini boss vain which holds the key to unlock the secret to sleepy hallow allowing you the chance to fight the headless horsemen and kill him for rich rewards. Other monsters drop various items old purple boxes, old card albums, old blue boxes, and even donation items. Undead Prontera itself is protected by the feared Hallowring Mvp that has a 100% chance to drop his own special card which increases what you can carry by 2000!

    Easter Events- During easter you can expect prontera to be filled with bunnies and easter egg's both which drop white chocolate and many different gift boxes. The easter bunny guardian is found running around the same area so becareful because hes one tough bunny to beat but provides great rewards for those that are able to defeat him!

    Ice Dungeon- This dungeon is open all year round that provides a very challenging questing puzzle along with unique monsters that drop pages to a story you must collect all the pages to find the way to the ice dragon defeat him so you can get out and are rewarded with ice wings for completing it and quest experience!

    Caverns of Time- This dungeon is open all year round and uses the responsive NPC system and requires you to ask the right questions to learn about caverns of time in order to recieve special rewards depending on how well you do investigating.

    General Information:

    Server Type: Renewal 3rd Job /w Kagerou / Oboro

    Base Exp:20x Job Exp:20x Drop Rate:10x
    Quest Exp:4x Equip Drop:4x Card Drop:25x
    MVP Equip Drop:4x MVP Card Drop: 1x
    Max Base Lvl:150 Max Job Lvl:50 Max Stats:150 Max ASPD: 190
    Official Features:
    Battlegrounds for Glorious items
    Eden Quests
    Class S Homunculus
    Episode 13.x Quest - Niddhog's Nest
    Episode 14.1 - Mora (Labyrinth Forest)
    Sealed Shrine
    Thanatos Tower Quest
    Orc's Memory

    @autotrade - offline vending skill for merchants.
    @ally - Used to turn on talking with guild allies Usage: @ally <on|off>, @ally <message>
    @rates - Used to check the servers rates
    @refresh - Used to refresh your effects
    @showexp- Turn on Exp gain

    Server Stats:
    i7 2600k Intel Server 100mbps download 100mbps upload
    Daily MYSQL Backup system
    Battery Backup System incase power goes out to give time to save character data.

    Same Sex Marriages
    New Map's
    Quests & Minigames
    Headgears & Weapons
    Hairstyles & Color's

    Donation System:
    The donation system is automated and secure from the homepage but it is also balanced only first series cards can be found in the donation NPC many have been rebalanced for PvP or nerfed and many cards cannot be donated for and can only be obtained by farming the respective monsters in game for them. You can find more information about the donation system here.

    If you have got down to this point and your interested in what ExistenceRO has to offer the only thing left is to try it for yourself and see if this might be your new home for Ragnarok. Your friends are welcomed to join with you!
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