Mortal Gaming is now BACK!

That's right, Mortal-Gaming is now back and ready to fight for a spot amongst the top ranked private servers.

Help us achieve the spot amongst the best by simply Creating your account and start your journey on our amazing upgraded server.

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Mortal-Gaming is a re-opening World of Warcraft Private Server that will be supporting the 3.3.5a patch (WOTLK). The server mainly consists of PvP related content, but PvE is easily accessible and widely incorporated on our main realm, called Judgement. We are always taking in new ideas and suggestions to make Mortal-Gaming the best it can be. With the ideas that are being put into place at this very moment, Mortal-Gaming will be with no doubt a new breed that is incomparable to any other private servers. We aspire that you will take the time to try out our server, and fully experience what it has to offer.

Realm Judgement:

Type: Instant 80
Patch: 3.3.5a
Custom PvP rank system
Custom Quests & Weekly/Daily/Event Quests. (with custom daily quest area)
Custom seasons and tiers
Low level dungeons - Re-invented & Raids loot upgraded
Start with bags, mounts and other useful items for your desired class
Beast Master NPC
Global Teleporter
Working Arenas & Battlegrounds
Friendly Staff
Active Community
Daily Fixes
Guild Housing System
Wave event
Stair events
Maze events
Custom Boss fights
Custom Arena fights
Gurubashi Theme Changer

and much more!

Twink Tournament
In Development

Type: Level 1 Twink- blizzlike
Patch: 3.3.5a
Global Teleporter
Friendly Staff
Active Community
Daily Fixes

Why Mortal-Gaming?
Mortal-Gaming is one of a kind in the aspect of having a rapidly growing community full of players and staff members who are looking to make your experience on Mortal the best it can be. Judgement has undergone endless hours of development by our experienced and active developers. We are dedicated to giving the players the best experience and are open to suggestions for improvement. We pride ourselves on giving great support and a friendly atmosphere.