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    Exclamation PROJECT57 [BLIZZLIKE & FUNSERVER] 3.3.5a




    Server Rates:
    Funserver: 400x
    Blizzlike: 3x

    I would like to note that the real fun starts after you reach level 80, but fun takes time to happen, and with a low playerbase, there is no reason in giving up at level 30. Just to clarify this, patience brings you further.

    Okay, it's simple. For the PvP, the Furious Gladiator set is free, and so are the Relentless Gladiator's trinkets, ring, necklaces, etc. The Relentless Set and Weapons cost 100 Arena Points each. Getting 500 Arena Points ain't hard. It's either killing 20 horde, doing a daily quest two times, or killing 10 horde and doing the daily quest 1 time. You get PvP Coins for that, and you can exchange them for 500 Arena Points, or 250 for each 10 you have. The Wrathful Gladiator set and Weapons cost 1500 Arena Points. Pretty expensive, but we find it fair. We don't want just anyone rolling around in full Season 8, not knowing what the hell he's doing. There are the rare "Arena Tokens" on the server, but they are rare. They around 1% drop rate from the custom bosses, and can only be gotten through one daily quest: To kill 50 players, doesn't matter if it's Horde or Alliance, just has to be players. The PvE system is simpler. You collect currency called "ICC Tokens". These tokens drop from all bosses in ICC, and from Custom Raid/5-man bosses too. For 10 ICC's, you get 20 Emblems of Frost. For 20 ICC's, you get 50 Emblems of Frost and for 30 ICC's, you get 70 Emblems of Frost. You use the frosts to buy better gear, such as ICC 10-man Heroic or normal 25-man. Each item costs either 23 Frosts or 30 Frosts. It is possible to buy the 10.5 HC set too, but each item of the set costs 95 Frosts, so it should take players a bit of time to get it. 25-man Heroic gear only drop from custom raid bosses, or the ICC 25-man Heroic mode. You can also do daily quests to obtain ICC Tokens, and you get a lot of quests at the starting zone that should give you about 1 Token each.

    This server is called Project57. It mainly revolves around the funserver itself. The Blizzlike one know; blizzlike, as per usual. At Project57, you begin by leveling from 1 - 40 at the first leveling road, and then from 40 - 80 at the second leveling road. You begin, as usual, to take quests and level up. We have a token system on the server and there are only 3 types: ICC Token, which is mainly used to buy PvE gear or vanity items, such as mount and/or companions. Number two is the PvP Coin. The PvP Coin is rewarded from player kills or PvP related quests. Sometimes you can get PvP Coins by doing events or such similar things. PvP Coins are mainly used for buying Arena Points. 10 PvP Coins for 250 Arena Points. The third one is the Arena Token and is the rarest of them all. It is only awarded to players when they compete in an arena competition, or by doing hard daily quests. There are currently 4 events in the server that can be easily accessed by our teleporter. We also have 3 custom bosses with huge loot templates that are viable for every kind of class. Those bosses often drop the ICC Token and sometimes PvP Coins, but very rarely they drop the Arena Token. The bosses all drop Heroic ICC or in rare cases Ruby Sanctum loot, but can also drop PvP Weapons. The PvP drops are there so more players have more reasons to go and raid these bosses. Those bosses are all scripted and not easily killed. New content will be added every week from one of our developers. Something special for the players. Maybe new quests, questlines, bosses, items, rare bosses and much more. Our Forums are crucial for members if they wish to have the best player experience. I recommend to join the forums right away, if you choose to join in our fun! There's an item icon fix add-on in our "News & Announcements" forum. We also have an upcoming custom dungeon with up to 5 scripted bosses and adds all over. A questline will follow people through the dungeon.

    Boss number one is called Darko the Loner, and is a Death Knight style. He has about 12 million hp and has no adds, but hits very hard and very fast, so it will most likely require more than 1 or 2 healers on him. He uses slow spells and stun spells and many other spells used by Death Knights, so if you know the spells well, then the tactics should be easy. Boss number two is called Astromancer Syd, and was made as a Mage. He has about 8-9 million health only, but has 2 caster adds that have 404k health and hit fairly hard, so off tanks would have to keep them off the main tank. Boss number 3 is the hardest and is called General Jake. General Jake fights in a Warrior kind of style, with an axe and a shield, but uses spells that are only available to the Arms specialization or the Fury specialization. He has about 14-15 million health and is surrounded by 3 adds that fight quickly and deal quite the amount of damage. They are to be taken down fast, but fast isn't easy with them. They stealth once in a while if they get nuked and leave a DoT spell on you, so the healers will be kept busy at all times...well, the whole raid group will be busy at all times. When you teleport to General Jake, a quest will be available. That quest starts a questline that can lead up to a legendary item called Aqueline, the Forgotten Sword of Project57 (cheesy, but cool to have).

    The Legendary Questline
    You start the legendary questline, as shown above, by killing General Jake. Once you return the quest, another quest will available called "Timeless Tomorrow". In that quest, the player is required to get 10 ICC Tokens, 10 PvP Coins and 1 Arena Token to complete the quest. It takes time to get all of these, so these quest aren't very easy. Next quest is called "Infinite Yesterday" and is the player required to go and get pieces of the sword from three small, 1 player killable bosses. Even though they are killable by only 1 player, it doesn't mean everyone can, so it's good to get help from another player if he's willing to help you. Even though you have all the pieces of the sword, it still requires the spark to make it the most powerful weapon on the server. It requires 1 Cardinal Ruby, 1 Abyss Crystal and 1 Eternal Might. These ingredients will be very hard to get if you're not willful enough to get them. The next, and final quest is called "Aqueline" and is the quest where you get the sword. You simply go take the quest from an NPC called Alvan the Gatekeeper(custom npc) and hand it in to an NPC called Grand Magistrate Stefan(custom npc) and will be handed the Legendary Sword. The questline does not server a purpose to be easily done and requires a lot of patience and time, and on the plus side, there's more for the player to do.

    There will be many in-game competitions held when the playerbase is high enough. The first ones we have in mind are the Arena Tournaments. The Arena Tournaments will be available for all players to sign up. It's just a matter of luck and skill if you get into the competition. The competitions will not be held in 3v3 brackets like usual, but 2v2. 2v2 gives the player an opportunity to be more personal in the competition with his teammate and his enemies. Remember: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. On to the next one. The second one is not really a competition in general, but an event, with a prize. The event goes like so that all players that will be online will be automatically summoned in front of Gurubashi Arena. A gamemaster will stand before them with about 25 million health and scaled to an immense size. The gamemaster then walks into the arena and awaits a group of players to attack him. The group who did the most damage of both of the groups at the end of the event will reward each player with one item from Tier 10.5 Heroic.

    It's simple and it's fun. If you have the guts, or the glory to join our server and be a part of the growing community, you will not regret your decisions. We have active staff and are constantly hiring more to make the community more happy, but it's up to you to make the experience so it can be playable. We accept any suggestion, even if it's a quest offering you Frayed Pants as a reward.
    Take us seriously, and we will take you seriously and with honor.

    Starting zone.

    Starting zone.

    One of the malls.

    Darko the Loner.

    Astromancer Syd and his Iniates.

    First quest of the Legendary Questline.

    General Jake and his three Assassins.

    Our Teleporter.

    One of the Stair Events, and daily quest.

    A picture sent by one of our players!

    Players fighting the 5-man boss!

    Alliance & Horde mall

    Alliance & Horde mall #2

    Preview of the new 5-man boss: Lady Blasphema

    Buying gear at the mall!

    Some of the dailies!

    Players playing with toys.

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    Seems Good im gonna have a look GL

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    man this is an awesome server!
    compared to that it's new, i'm already having tons of fun. xD

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