Welcome Everyone to Project-Script.me!

Update: We have now released the 3.3.5a Realm
Our First day player numbers we're promising as we had 70-80 Players online in the first hour.

Thanks to all our community that is supporting us!.

Project-Script.me is currently in a Beta testing. Check out the forums for more information.

What is Project-Script.me?
I Started project-script.me to build a community and a server eventually based on TrinityCore's Emulator which will run World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King which is client version 3.3.5a.
I'm hoping to introduce fixes to the core and boss scripts as well as possible added features that other servers don't currently have.

What is the reason behind making Project-Script.me?
I've noticed that a lot of servers seem to lack thinking or planning before being opened. I've also noticed that a lot of servers just open all the content instantly as soon as the server goes live. Some servers do it will by working on ready to release content and opening the content as it gets tested and completed. I wanted to take that one step further with the 3.3.5a client but going through each patch over a timeline. Obviously a big community is needed for an idea this big so this is why Project-Script.me is here to build a great community to support the work I do.

Why did you choose Wrath of The Lich King Client?
I believe that core and scripts of the 3.3.5a client are some of the best around. I also believe we can have the best of both worlds we can have the LFG tool, built in path finding and built in anti-cheat as well as other additions.

What is the overall Aim of Project-Script.me?
The main aim for me is to learn from this project I have plans such as allowing players to beta test and then eventually having a server online 24/7 running but I want to learn from this project not just about programming better in C++ and SQL but also learning more about what it takes to bring a good community together. My other aim is of course to bring together a really good Private Server community I really want everyone to feel like this is a special community and not just another Private Server that's going to die in a few weeks or months. I'm hoping to keep this project going as long as possible I hope to eventually have a Beta program for the community to test my fixes and changes and report bugs etc and then the final step would be opening the server to everyone and allowing players to experience not only a great community effort but also a great and fun time.

If you need anymore information on the server check out our FAQ page: http://www.project-script.me/index.php?topic=33.0


Violet Hold:

More videos can be found @ Project-Script.me

Hope we can build a great community and Server together.

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