Hello Gaming community!
We from Guardian Staff are proud to bring you a new 3.3.5 server for all!

We are new and just getting off the ground and need some players to come help us show others how great this server is!

Right now we are running some things to help new players so keep an eye out for that!

~free BoA gear at all starting areas including weapons
~scripted and working icc10/25 normal and heroic modes
~Ruby Sanctum
~almost daily events with rewards for all levels!
~great active staff willing to help anyone with anything you might need
~ recruit a friend


Website: Guardian WoW - Home

We are still working out a few bugs but by the time we have people ready to run some of the stuff we are working on, we will have it fixed and ready for everyone!

We have active Gms that enjoy the game as well as interacting with the Public and not just hiding out

If you have any questions or problems, you can always make a ticket in game or add me on skype: Tillthepriest

We are just opening so i do hope everyone will not log on see no players or very few and log out but remember we all start somewhere!

We are also doing promotions for all players for the next month or two what you may recive will be here and their when we see you online might be a mount title gold level peice of gear profession just something to say Thank you for joining us.

Hope to see you their and feedback is always welcome!