Sunfire-WoW is a server that you will have an experience as close to what it was in retail. If you wish to play at a server with challenging raid content, where 99% bosses actually function as they should, you are in the right place. Everything is blizzlike except the leveling, we want an ACTION server starting with raids and PVP, so we have decided to skip leveling. If you want to feel the true TBC experience, JOIN US!

About Us:

We are still a small community since the server is online since 07/03/2013, but we want to be a big community, with your help. Our server is based in Oregoncore which is corrected 95% of the game, but we managed to do some more fixes and it is almost free bug! We also concern about our players and we will not have abused donations, players will get their gear by their skill and not through their money.

Server Features:

Instant 70 & 1x Rates
Starting Blue/Green Gear
Scripted Dungeons & Raids
All classes working as intended
Server online 24/7
Daily backups
Progressive PVE/PVP
Professionals Game Masters
Low server latency

Opened Content:

Grull's Lair
Magtheridon's Lair
PVP Season 1

Recently Changes:

Honor and Money Rates 2x
Alliance and Horde Interaction, you can talk and invite members of opposite faction due the low population

Do you want to get back to good old times? Check us here:


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