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Full Episode 8 server
2 Dedicated server (Centos and Windows)
Long Time server
Mid Rate server
No reset/reborn system

Server Specification
- Windows -
Intel Xeon (8 CPU) 2.5ghz
100mbps Download / Upload Speed
Hosted at USA

- Centos -
Intel Xeon (8 CPU) 2.5ghz
100mbps Download / Upload Speed
Hosted at USA

Server Rates
EXP: x100
SKill EXP: x150
Drop Rate: x30
Craft Rate: x100
Pet Rate: x100
Wexp Rate: x10
Drops per mob: x2

Vote System Every 6 Hours
E-Coin Shop on Website
Vote Shop on Website
Alz Shop on Website
Playtime Converter to E-coins every week

Latest Updates:

Episode 10 Transcender Skill
- Apocalypse Decision (WA)
- Glacier Trap (WI)
- Infinity Blade (BL)
- Hell Crusher (FS)
- Pera Arrow (FA)
- Quake Greater Prism (F

New NPC shop added on bloody ice
- Option Scroll NPC Shop
- Minesta Book NPC Shop
- Craft Material NPC Shop
- Convenient NPC Shop
- Formula Card NPC Shop

Added drops on Arcane Trace including the following list below:

- EP10 Trans skillbook
- Upgrade Core High
- Force Core High
- Core Enhancer
- Cube of Honor
- Ring of luck +2
- Ring of luck +3
- Critical Ring +2
- Critical Ring +3

Added new costumes (Summer Vacation Suit and Hat)

Dance 3 (oppa gangnam style)
Acredenium Set and Weapon from EP10
Arcane Trace Map
New Aura Icon and Status Effect from EP10
PVP Arena on Bloody Ice Map 2 (Credits to GigaBytes)

Bug Fixes:

Deletion character bug Fixed
Quest Bug Fixed
Warehouse Bug Fixed
Select Character Selection Bug Fixed
Fixed Minesta Book #13, #14, #15 item description to Panic Cave mission

Server Minor Updates & Adjustments:

All new created accounts automatically a premium user
3rd warehouse can be use with premium user
All new created character will get a free Bluestin set +9 2 slot option
All new created character can join on novice guild "MMO-STARTER"
All new created and recent character will automatically activated all maps and GPS warp

Agent Shop Slots increased to 50 and register amount to 50
Craft Materials added on Dungeon Points Shop in Port Lux
Dungeon Points increased storing from 100 to 1000
Dungeon Points expiration increased from 3 hours to 7 days period
Changed item name "Forcium" to "Mithril"
Changed craft item name "of Annihilation" to "of Fatal

4 ways to get E-coins in game:

Buy an E-coin Voucher on Vote Shop using Vote points
Buy an E-coin Voucher on Alz Shop using Alz in game
Playtime Convert to e-coin every week
Donate on server

EP10 Transcender Skill

MMOwebz Cabal EP8 - EP10 Transcender Skill - YouTube

You can also find E-Coins Shop in-game , Custom NPC Shop , DP Shop in Port Lux , Acredenium Set + Epaulet + Staff (100% Fixed) , PVP Arena for Event and much more!!!!!

Come Join us now! There's No Turning Back!

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