Instant 80
Item Level 137-175 Starting Gear
Working Raids, Dungeons, and Quests
Working Transmogrification
Dedicated GMs
Vanity items for donations and voting
5x Profession Rates
1x Item Rates
5x Reputation Rates
Gradual Content Progression
Season 5 PvP (Hateful, Savage, Deadly sets)

What do we aim to provide?
We aim to provide a service that exceeds any other seen in WoTLK Progressive Servers, we have a dedicated team and a warm community to give you the most enjoyable raiding experience available.
Unlike other servers, our scripts go beyond stock scripts found in public cores and our developers take pride in researching and implementing even the smallest of features into raids and dungeons.

What can we promise?
A lot of other servers you find will make similar promises to ours, guaranteeing "99% blizzlike" raids, we all know that isn't true. We can however promise that our developers will make raid issues top priority and that we won't release any content without fully testing it first.

Why choose us?
We believe we have the most active and well done progressive WoTLK server out there currently with some unique features to seal the deal. Our staff treat this project like a full time job, and will always do their best to make sure you receive the best possible service. Our community is active and there are multiple raiding guilds here for players of all timezones.

Current Dungeon and Raid Releases

Vault of Archavon
Obsidian Sanctum

Utgarde Keep
The Nexus
Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
Drak'Tharon Keep
The Violet Hold
Halls of Stone
Halls of Lightning
The Oculus
Caverns of Time: Culling of Stratholme
Utgarde Pinnacle

Eye of Eternity releases on Monday the 25th! Vid of it here:

Contact Me

Skype: byPortals
[email protected]