I don't want to waste your time so I'll keep this short, Sylvanas WoW is a mid-high rate XP server with a blizzlike progression system. We wish to keep our servers as close as blizzlike as possible, but of course with our small improvements. There is no donation or vote gear, only items of convenience.

Join now. http://sylvanas-wow.com/
set realmlist logon.sylvanas-wow.com
» 2.4.3 and 1.12.1 realms
» Blizzlike raiding
» Mid-High rate XP
» Scripted instances
» Improved pathfinding
» PvP & PvE.
» Optimized core ☩ Working classes

» Netherspite 2.4.3 TBC
8x XP rate.
PVP enabled.
Scripted raids.
T4 content unlocked.

» Firemaw 1.12.1 CLASSIC
8x XP rate.
PVP enabled.
Scripted raids.
Molten Core progression.

» Always free, never pay2win. «
One account, mulitple realms.
No custom gear or gear from donations.
Experienced developers and system administrators.
Stable servers without lag.
Premium network.