RecklessWoW is a new instant 80 private server that has just opened its gates to the people interested in a new level of gaming experience.Here at Reckless,the player always is right and we,RecklessWoW staff,think that Players > Staff,that being the reason why we will never abuse our powers or do something that we shouldn't.

✓ Working Battlegrounds
✓ No Lag
✓ Free S8&T10.5&Shadowmourne
✓ Transmogrification
✓ Balanced Season 9&10
✓ Duel on Water System
✓ Gurubashi Anti-Ganking System
✓ Custom Cataclysm&MoP Mounts with 110% and 120% speed
✓ Very Friendly Staff
✓ Stable Core(Up to 30 days)
✓ You can have 3 professions at same time
✓ Honor/Arena Points convertor
✓ Insane RP-Mall with all the RP Gear you'd ever want
✓ Hundreds of other nice feautures that are hard to explain without checking out the realm