Simple Introduction:

Mond-WoW is a Fun/Custom Cataclysm based private server with over 6000 custom items and quests with multiple realms designed to give the player an ultimate experience in the world of private servers! We are not a new server as you can tell, we have been around for quite some time, since the "Wrath of the Lich King" days actually! But we are officially back and ready to provide you with some memories you will never forget with our amazing player base, GM Teams, and development team that adds new content and fixes bugs at lightning speed!

Basic Information:

  • Instant 80 with extremely high rates
  • Custom Starting area, to start you off in your endeavors (Takes less then 20 minutes to reach 85)
  • Working Battlegrounds
  • Very High Stats (You can solo everything!)
  • Retail Instances/Raids Set up for solo-ability (Including Most Cataclysm Raids)
  • Custom...

  • Instances
  • Spells
  • Items
  • Weapons
  • NPCs
  • Malls, total of 4

  • 95% of Spells working as intended
  • Teleportation Stone
  • Donation System
  • Supports 4.0.6 - 5.2.2 Clients
  • Cata/MoP Weapon and Armor Models
  • Simple Voting Reward System
  • Scripted Bosses
  • Active and Helpful GM Team(s)