Hey there guys !

Today im here to tell about what "ReWinD WoW" can offer ya!

We are atm Pretty new, so there aint much players.


We do offer a Vanilla realm and a TBC realm.

Vanilla is x1 ( BLIZZLIKE )
TBC is x12

Everything that is tested so far is working 99% and upcomming bugs or whatever that might face us will be fixed as fast as we can!

-BG's- Works 100%
-arena- works 100%
-Raids- works 90% ( few bugs with some boss's )
-Instances- works 98% ( some mobs dont do what they really should do )
-NPC behavior- they should now do as on blizzards realms.. ( Dont run trough walls and all that )

There is and will NOT be any sort of "Custom patch's or Npc's.

Website :


Little info about how you get it to work !

First you must ofc have WoW vanilla OR TBC ----- ( Vanilla Patch : 1.12.1 - TBC Patch : 2.4.3 )

You can either download them Via torrent or from Blizzards page.

when that is done you put " set realmlist rewind.zyns.com " into your Realmlist.wtf

And ofc, last thing, you need to make an account before you can enter the world!

We hope to see you !