We are a very small community of people who are looking to grow with more mature and fun-loving people into a larger community.

At this time we are using the MaNGOS TWO server, which takes the WoTLK client, as well as the MaNGOS TWO Database. We are currently operating at Blizzlike values, everything is 1x to Blizz standards, XP, etc.

If you are interesting in joining a new WoW community, having fun, and are a mature player, then please check us out at the Silverleaf website, where you can register your account for the game.

Once you have registered, please either direct your realm.wtf file to fangornguardians.no-ip.org or download our pre-hacked client located on our connection guide.

We hope to see you around Azaroth some time soon.

-- [email protected]