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After playing many TBC private servers, I never felt like I had experienced the original satisfaction I had when I played TBC on retail. Most of those servers were made for only 1 aspect of TBC and even then, they still had their issues. I only recently found out about World of Corecraft (WoC) and after checking out their website and reading up on what all they have done already in terms of recreating TBC, I knew that this was going to be THE private server to play for TBC. In order to save time and avoid writing a wall of text i'm going to just mention a couple of features that the WoC team have included in their private server. Before I do, I would like to point out that this server has a full team of 6 people working on it constantly for the past couple of years to insure that this server will be as identical to TBC as possible.

The main feature about this server is that there will be progression based PvE as well as the PvP patches that followed with the progression. There will also be a progression list that is posted on their website of all the guilds who have cleared what. Personally, I am more of a PvP fanatic when it comes to WoW however, I still wish I could have experienced all the TBC raids like Tempest Keep and above back then. Here is a quote from their information page about PvE "The end-game raids that the players challenge have been rebalanced to provide the same challenge as they did when they were launched. In other words, all nerfs have been revoked (unless they were of the bug character). Every boss has also been scripted by hand from the basic mechanics up to the more delicate ones, ensuring similar, if not identic, timers and triggers to what were used when the boss was first introduced." . There will also be properly coded heroics.

I feel that I must also mention PvP as my second feature of this game because lets face it, most people play TBC private servers for the PvP or PvE. A quote from the PvP portion of their information section. "Corecraft aims to bring competitive play in terms of arenas and battlegrounds. With working spells & talents, we believe we have a great outlook to make it so. The biggest challenge this entails is usually getting enough active PvPers to participate in the different battlegrounds, as well as get teams of different skill to participate in arenas. Safe to say, we will try our best to encourage active PvP. Arena seasons will be had as they were during the retail experience, and they will come in order, progressing alongside the PvE content. At the end of each season, the gladiator rewards and titles will also be handed out."

This is just some of my thoughts and information about the game that I felt I should provide to grab the attention of anyone interested in this server. There is a ton of information available at their website, including a forum. The WoC team also has available every blue post made during TBC, including patch notes with bug fixes and class changes. If you are as interested in this server as I am and want it to be as successful, then go check out their website and spread the word. Check out their youtube video's that shows what all they have done as well.


Youtube: corecraft corecraft - YouTube

How long until it is released?

I would just like to point out again that this server is still in development and that I am simply trying to spread the word about a well developed TBC server.