"The Frozen Throne" is an istant 80 private Wrath of the Lich King server that offers an exciting blizzlike experience with fully-scripted boss and NPCS, no more flying mobs or pets...we have pathfinding!
In our server you start at lvl 80 with Naxxramas25 PvE gear...so we let the players remember the secrets of Ulduar
and the great fight against Algalon.
But it's not over yet...Victorious upon Yogg Saron now the Trial of Crusader awaits you all, until you will face the Lich King himself! Don't forget to visit Halion in Ruby Sanctum...he is so lonely
We also offers for those who love pvp, all pvp areas and arenas, plus a starter Furious Gladiator set...
We also have Arena Spectator and "Top 5 Killers" NPC.
One more thing about us...we have kind and competent staff that would support you as well as possible...so, join us and try what we offer!

Web Site:
Frozen Throne - World of Warcraft Private Server