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    Determent WoW

    Determent-WoW is a fairly new Private server here to give you some of the best experience possible, while playing on our server we try to give you some of the best gaming experience we can, our Support and Development team is ready to give you that, that's why we need you!

    Right at this moment, Determent-WoW's main focus is our 20x XP rate realm, on this realm we have done a complete sweep of all of the content and tried to eliminate any and all bug's we find, with this said, we have completely redone The DK starter zone to fix any and all bugs, there are some minor ones here and there but it is easily fixable, each and every starter zone has been gone through and fixed.

    General Information:
    24/7 Uptime
    No Lags
    Dedicated Host
    Helpful and Friendly Staff
    Daily bug fix's
    Weekly Core Updates
    And much much more!

    20x Features:

    Free Heirloom gear of your choice at start - Right from a vendor
    Gunship - BETA - Our Gunship_battle is under beta at this time, it is working but there are some minor bugs, when you do ICC please keep this in mind.
    Ulduar - We have done a re script of the raid Ulduar and it is also in a Beta run.
    Wintergrasp - We have looked at Wintergrasp many times and we have fixed 90% of it, it is still under development but it works!
    Character Transfers - COMING SOON
    Cross Faction channels - Ever wanted to speak with the alliance or horde when your bored? Well do it here! Cross Faction channels enables you to speak with the opposing faction!
    Duel Reset - Tired of eating food after a duel? Well, you regain health/mana/Cooldowns right after a duel!

    And one of our Big Features:
    Yes, Transmogrification on 3.3.5a, this feature is seen across many servers these days, our Transmogrification system allows you to make 1 item look like another with the same stats, but it has to be the same 'type' of item, for example Shoulders = Shoulders. To be able to use our system you will have to buy Tokens from our vote store or pay 1$ for a few tokens, it's not that hard, soon the tokens will drop from Raid/Dungeon Boss's with a drop chance of 30%!

    Determent-WoW Cares about their players and their well being, so we promise all of our players they will enjoy the server, we do have a small population but we think over time it will become fairly big with our current population we do not have many raids going on, that's why we need you!

    Some other information not regarding realms.

    Website Fuctions:

    Our website is not the best but we are currently gathering staff to help us create a better site, off our current site you can find some of the things below.

    Vote Shop - Under Development but is usable
    Donation Shop – Under development but is usable
    Vote Station
    Account Information
    Server Status with players online
    Top PvP List
    And Online Players
    And some other small things of course.

    Forum Functions:

    As you know 90% of WoW servers have forums, well of course we do it.
    On our forums you can connect with other community members on and off the staff team, we have many forums categories where you can communicate any way. Our forums offer some of the best community support there is 2 ways to get support through our Ticket System on the forums or Our Support section, on our forums you can find a Blog area for you bloggers out there, a gallery to share your photos, a download area to place your Addons for other players to use, and of course a great community to be apart of.

    Our team is made up of several skilled Developers in the PHP/SQL/C++/C#/DBC Fields and our Support team is made up of some of the best Support managers you can find, all of our team are trained to fit your needs in any way possible!

    So, What are you waiting for! Join today, enjoy the experience of your life, you will not regret registering 1 bit!!

    Online Ticket System: (Please register before you use it, just avoiding Spam bots)
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