Max Level 185

Patch: 3.3.5 (12340)
Custom Patch - patch

Custom Races
- Pandaren
- Worgen
- Goblin
- Naga
Custom instances
Upgradable Items
World Boss's
2 Level roads
Custom Quests
loads of Custom items
mall teleporters
Level road teleporters
Daily Quests
Weekly Quests
Jump Events!

Always updating/adding new things to do

Vote items, Donation rewards

Custom player #commands

#res - Can only use at the mall.
#unstuck - teleports you to the mall
#repair - repair your items
#maxskills - max out your skills

EXP x150

Dedi Host
99% Uptime
No Lag
Great Staff

Our website - Kasma WoW - 185 - Fun Server

Realm list -

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