Hello good, I'm proud to introduce the new Neptune WoW Server 3.3.5a
This new server is part of a project created by a group of students eager to investigate computer and learn things while providing a quality service to all.

Server Type: Blizzlike
Language: 95% translated into Spanish
Antihack System: Available
Anti-Spam System: Available

The server is dedicated.
We offer customized support to Administrators and Moderators with a great experience and great skills to interact with people.


Money Rate = 1
Rate of Deaths = 2
Rate Mission = 4
Scan Rate = 4
Rate Professions = 3


Death Knight 97%
Druid 99%
Mage 99%
Hunter to 99%
Paladin 98%
Priest to 98%
Rogue 99%
Ratio 99%
Warlock 99%
Warrior to 99%


* Dungeon Finder Available.

Vault of Archavon
Trial of the Crusader
The Eye of Eternity
Onyxia's Lair
Obsidian Sanctum
Ruby Sanctum
Citadel Icecrown
The Culling of Stratholme
The Violet Hold
The Nexus
The Oculus
Drak'Tharon Keep
Utgarde Keep
Utgarde Pinnacle
Trial of the Champion
Halls of Stone
Halls of Lightning
The Forge of Souls
Pit of Saron
Halls of Reflection


Fields of BG's

Random Mode Available battlefields.
Available Arathi Basin.
Available Alterac Valley.
Warsong Available.
Eye of the Storm Available.
Strand of the Ancients Available.
Available Wintergrasp.
Isle of Conquest Available.

Fields Arena

Available Dalaran Arena.
Available Nagrand Arena.
Available Blade's Edge Arena.
Ruins of Lordaeron Available.
The Ring of Valor Available.


We want to help everyone who comes to our server again offering a promotion to its first character.
Wow individual promotion Neptune is as follows:

One character to level 80 (only give 1 IP)
Pve Armor Item Level 226 (Ulduar)
September Pvp Armor Furious, off set and weapons.
4 bags of frost
15000 gold
2 crafts full (to choose)

The individual promotion is available to anyone who meets the following requirements:

-New addition to the server.
-Not having any 80 character on your account or IP (if migrated equally affect)
'Do not make Cibers promotions.

* Only give IP a promotion, everyone who requested fraudulently promoting will be banned.


Website: wowneptune . com (all together)