Mayhem - 19 Custom PvP
3.3.5a Supported


Mayhem is a level 19 Custom PvP Realm.
Our realm is based purely off of PvP.

Every player starts with everything they would need to jump into battle, including a mount, bags and all spells learned upon character creation.
Players have access to 4 custom commands, ".loc mall" which teleports you to the heart of the mall(non useable in combat), ".give food"(You can only guess what this one does), ".c *message*" for our custom world chat, and .talent (resets your talents aslong as your in the mall). Along with glyphs being easy to find and buy, they are instant casted. We also have a custom c++ enchanter npc making your step into battle as quick and easy as possible.

We have a variety of custom gear that players can obtain via PvPing on the server. The 3 sets we offer is Starter gear for free, Honor gear for honor points and Arena gear from Arena points. We also have custom non see before arena vendor scripts focused on 3v3, and 5v5 rating including amazing rewards such as tabards that give cosmetic effects that strike intimidation into the heart of your enemy. We also have Arena tier 2 weapons that require 1550 Personal Rating in either 3v3, or 5v5. One of the cool features we also offer on mayhem is a Honorable Kill/Titled Based Transmog System, With purely cosmetic upgrades to avoid farming and players gaining an unfair advantage against lowbies. Our HK System rewards vanilla-style titles at certain amounts of kills ranging from 50 kills to 10000 (Rank 1-14 - Private > Grandmarshal/Scout>Highwarlord)
For the first 15 seconds while in preperation for arena and battlegrounds, spells casts are instant so classes such as warlock and mages dont spend endless time creating pets and such.

Rank 1 : Requires 50 Kills to unlock tier 1 Transmog.
Rank 2: Requires 100 Kills to unlock tier 1 Look A-like Transmog.
Rank 3: Requires 300 Kills to Unlock tier 4 Transmog.
Rank 4: Requires 500 Kills to Unlock tier 7 Transmog.
Rank 5: Requires 700 Kills to Unlock Grand Marshal/ High Warlord Transmog.
Rank 6: Requires 1000 Kills to Unlock tier 2 Transmog.
Rank 7: Requires 1500 Kills to Unlock tier 2 Look A-like Transmog.
Rank 8: Requires 2000 Kills to Unlock tier 5 Transmog.
Rank 9: Requires 3000 Kills to Unlock tier 8 Transmog.
Rank 10: Requires 4000 Kills to Unlock Zul' Aman Transmog.
Rank 11: Requires 5000 Kills to Unlock Sunwell Transmog.
Rank 12: Requires 6000 Kills to Unlock tier 3 Transmog.
Rank 13: Requires 8000 Kills to Unlock tier 6 Transmog.
Rank 14: Requires 10,000 Kills to Unlock Legendary Weapon Transmog such as Warglaives and Thunderfury.

Thats not all!

We also have a PvP Token Based Killstreak system that awards Mayhem PvP Tokens on Honorable Kills instead of killing blows so healers don't get gimped during battlegrounds or world PvP. The tokens are also reward for quests and much more. They can be used to buy things such as titles, mounts, morphs and vanity items.

Each class has been added some baseline spells to help balance out PvP Aswell as each class can choose a talent path from brom to best fit their playstyle.
You can see all the class spells by redirecting HERE!

As our level bracket is 19, Warsong Gulch is the main battleground. but here at light of chaos We offer Cross faction WSG.
What is Cross Faction WSG You may ask, well the name says it all. If there is 5 horde online, and 1 alliance, and they all queue up, it will split the team evenly into 2, meaning it will make 2 horde players alliance or vice-versa. There is also several PvP Based Daily quests such as capture a flag in wsg 3 times in a row, kill 50 players, win 10 arena games without losing.
We offer 24/7 10v10 Warsong or 15v15 Arathi Basin, Our Warsong Gulch has an anti Graveyard system that prevents Spawn-farming.

Pretty much any time you or a team member captures a flag, its logged into our database and stored for use. You gain 1 Point for personal flag captures, and 1 for team flag captures. Theres also a vendor in the mall that requires 50 personal flag captures to view and it sells cool items such as original twink transmog items.

Silithus Field of Domination:

Mayhem offers a unique customly scripted World PvP Reoccurring Battleground.
Both alliance and horde have a small minibase-typed safe zone that houses there egg capture device.
The area has over 50+ working LOS Objects (Glowing Eggs), And around 5 of them spawn in random locations that are captureable.
Once you pick up the silithus egg you gain a shimmering dust that surrounds you and limits your movement speed (meaning you cant mount).
The objective is to capture 50/50 eggs in your bases teleporter dock by carrying it while fighting enemy's trying to rob it from you in the process.

The Fallen Temple : Custom FFA Arena

Lost in a forgotten temple this area arose from the ashes and claimed itself in PvP Royalty.
Our custom FFA offers great PvP Experiences, 8 Fully Working Line of Sight Pillar type game objects.
On death you drop a lootable chest available to anyone around to get a chance for amazing rewards aswell as being instantly revived and ported to a safe location enabling both factions to gain strength and then jump right into battle.

Duel Zone:

Our unique duel zone offers 4 Line of sight pillars for arena enthusiasts, A duel logging/Statistic system and Daily quests directed at beating other players in a duel!

PvE/Solo Content:

Even though we are purely based off of PvP, We offer players 2 World Boss (10 & 20 Man), 1 Raid (10 Man), and 1 Dungeon (5 Man). All customly scripted for your enjoyment!

We also offer several obstacle course events such as a maze and stair/jump event.

Daily Quest Area:

We have a Daily Quest Hub located in the heart of Tanaris, Help the The Cenarion Circle battle against mighty enemies and build a name for yourself. 7 Dailys available for players that offer amazing rewards!

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