I've been on this server for a while and been very impressed on the Staff Members and how they perform.


This is a PvP and PvE instant 80 funserver and is a pretty great one and here is why:

  • An amazing Mall. This boggles my mind on how creative the Staff members have been to work on this mall. Contains Vendors for PvP and PvP items. You starter gear (Relentless) and work for your next tier (Wrathfull) at ease. Also, the Vendors are set to the liking of the players in this mall and a bigger mall is under construction.
  • PvP - This is also an outstanding part of Devium-WoW's gameplay i have experienced. The Server is well balanced in its gameplay and it matters on skill over OverPowered Items. Yes what you choose and how you choose them items are a main part of the game, but some servers have bugged and Crippled skills, this i have noticed, does not have them problems in a severe way. Also, The BGs and the Arenas Work wonders! This is my life, i am a PvPer to the fullest and noticed this and was very happy for me.
  • PvE - The Scripted Icc Raids are incredible. This you will have to see for yourself, because me personally think its amazing in many ways. Most PvE servers have many problems with the bosses on the raids and how they perform, this server i have not seen any so far.
  • The Staff Members - I cannot stress this enough! The Staff Members of this Server are AMAZING! I enjoy that i know the community is manged by fair, experienced and mannered employees. These are the people that are important to keeping the server safe along with the help of the community. Thank you Staff Members! Note: Quickest Ticket responses, ever!
  • The Events - The events are what keeps the server live and eagerly waiting for the GMs to arrive, thus, they make the most Surprising events i have ever seen. They include both PvP and PvE events for both the sides of the game to be experienced. Come have some Fun!

I am Happy to be apart of this community and to set the tone, i am only a member of this community. I am not a part of the Staff but just a helper for them to see this server gain more and more followers and players.

Website: see here for more info and dont be shy! Come and Have some fun! We need more players to help expand this amazing server! Tell em' Kunzun sent ya, lol!