All the great feelings from the original Spectral-Warcraft
combined with new and freshly made content. Spectral-Warcraft 2.0 is not only an improvement
but a completely new server. There are a few major differences compared to the original
Spectral-Warcraft, such as
Stability, latency, PvP-orientation & Level 10 maxlevel
There are also a lot of other ingame features including;
Custom Talents, Scripted & Customized Raids and Dungeons aswell as a new PvP and Daily Zone!

Goal & Ambition
is to provide a
and Challenging PvE experience for the PvE playerbase, but at the same time maintaining
balanced and active
PvP including Battlegrounds & Arenas.
Our raids are thoroughly scripted, every encounter is thought through before scripted and the result is marvellous. Content is bugg-tested before released to ensure quality.

Customized Raids & Dungeons
The Best Raiding Experience

There are numerous raids & dungeons on the Spectral-Warcraft realm,
including Zul'Gurub the outside Dungeon, Scarlet Monastery, Vault of Archavon & Karazhan.
All boss encounters are scripted & tested to ensure quality.

Kelagon Basin, Custom PvP Zone!
Kelagon Basin is our entirely custom PvP zone, featuring world PvP and daily questing. Made with a lot of detail & precision.
This is not a custom Battleground, this is a outdoor Zone.

Spells & Talents
Many friendships, marriages have been broken because of different opinions
regarding spells & talents on low level servers,
should there be custom talents and spells?
At Spectral we've decided to have Custom Talents,
but we've chosen to avoid custom spells, so you'll be familiar with all the
spells that you're going to be using! Every player starts with
31 points in a tree

Instant Level 10
We're sure you've had enough of leveling, we sure have.
Therefore there are no leveling at Spectral to make your stay more convinient.
The maxlevel is 10.

Cross-Faction Battlegrounds & Solo Arenas!
Cross-faction battlegrounds is a way of getting more active battlegrounds and more balanced teams, e.g. more hordes than alliance in an battleground will no longer occur.

New Server specs!
Intel Xeon E5-1650
2x 160 GB Intel SSD (With Hardware raid)
Windows Server Standard