Justicar WoW is offering a very very cheap price on our donation packages!! We are offering Full season 9 (best pvp season so far created) for 20$ on one character, As well as ViP for 40$, The ViP Package includes a lifetime of full season 9 characters on your account, as well as a custom donor mall fully private to any other ViPs. You will have a custom command to teleport into and out of the mall, as well as recieving a VIP tag ingame through our worldchat, as well as on our website forums! These prices are only valid for the first month of our server being live ending on 2/5/14 =)

We also want to reward our helpers and players without them feeling the need to donate! So we are giving away the "Justicar" title to anyone logging in for the next week, ending on 1/13/14, This title will not be obtainable through any other way in our server, No amount of donations, event wins, or pvp kills can you obtain this title! This is to show appreciation to all of our helpers and bug reporters!

After being down for nearly 10 months, Justicar has been brought back up!

Justicar-WoW has been brought back! We are going to be a very intensive PvP Server. We have extremely experienced developers and staff who are bring new content in continuously. We here at Justicar-WoW know what the pvp communities crave, and we are prepared to deliver. We also offer unique and custom monthly rank 1 rewards, titles, and even money in order to keep the fights exciting and fun for everyone!

Justicar wow is pleased to announce that we are hiring staff members! Please visit our recruitment forum here

Instant 80 - Intense PvP

Arenas - 2v2, 3v3, & 5v5

Cross-Faction Balanced Battlegrounds

1v1 Arenas (new)

Reforging (new)

PvP Title System (new)

Season 8 to start - Season 9 Balanced Progression

Transmogrification System

Top Arena - Notification System + Custom Content

Daily Quests - Rewards Honor

Custom ranking system resetting monthly

Custom rewards based on monthly ranks

Completely scripted and working battlegrounds

99% Uptime with a reliable host.

Paid for the server in advance, so we are here to stay for a long while!

Content added continuously

Custom Mazes & Stair Events

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The New Video!

Powerful Dedicated Server to bring a lag free enjoyable game play!


Website - Justicar WoW - PvP at its Best


Starting Location + Mall