ETA: 7. February 2014
Area 52 is a new, private high-rate server, dedicated to World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade fans. The project is created by players with long-term experience in-game, what guarantees well-knit and good resolutions in the server.
The project’s planks are as following:
- Free gaming under clear rules on The Burning Crusade expansion;
- Fluent and enjoyable gameplay;
- Professional, experienced administration oriented on the server’s development and its population;
- Speeding up of the toilsome aspects of the game, in order to allow focusing on these most interesting ones;
- Maximum resemblance of the lvl 70 gameplay to the retail one;
- Content scripted in every detail;
We underline both PvP and PvE gameplay, as well as the game mechanics itself. According to this, you can find the following on the server:
- Elaborately scripted raids. We took every trash mob (with their chain pulls and respawns linked with adquate bosses) and boss into consideration on all levels of the game progress (to begin with Karazhan Chess Event, through Kael’thas in Tempest Keep and Illidan in Black Temple, to end with Sunwell Plateau); also all season and daily events are working (Midsummer Fire Festival, Hallow’s End, profession events and so on); we took every element of every NPC on board – spells, visual effects etc.;
- All aspects of PvP gameplay have been precisely tested and fixed, so the arena fights are as close to retail ones as possible (proccrates, spells, atributes, talents, items etc.)
- To make the gameplay even more enjoyable, we installed vmaps (Line-of-Sight), movemaps (movement of NPCs and pets) and dynamic vmaps for objects (which generate LoS dynamically for all the doors, gates etc.);
- We introduced plenty of facilities for Players, who want to take part in the most exciting aspects of the game as soon as possible (Player Friendly Take-off System etc.);
You can find out more about mentioned features by watching the videos posted below.
The server settings can be grouped into two kinds: PERM – which are to stay on the server forever and TEMP – which are to be removed along with the server population development.
- Rates: Exp x30, Honor x15, Rep x15, Profession x15, Droprate x10 (for non-boss loot), Gold x3;
- Arenapoints flush: 2x/week;
- Player Friendly Take-off System (more in the video);
- =<15minCD/HP/Mana reseting duel;
- Hearthstone Cooldown: 5 min;
- Xfaction – Horde i Alliance can talk, create parties and guilds together;
- Captured Souls System: the game rations Players special tokens for kills and assits in BGs; 100 tokens can be traded into a S1 part, offpart, weapon or 2x Badge of Justice
- A52 General Goods Vendor: the most important reagents for all classes in stacks of 100;
- And many others;
- Cloth & Transmute CD removed;
- Xfaction BG: between 11PM and 12AM the system groups Players for BGs in such way, that on both sides the same amount of Players is placed, no matter which faction they are – thanks to this feature even with 20 Players online (5H 15A) at 4AM the BG starts with 10 people on each side. Between 12AM and 11PM the system works normally (assigning Players to groups according to their faction);
- Marks of Honor exchange: possibility of exchanging one MoH into another;
- And many others;
The gameplay on our server is supervised by experienced team of Game Masters, who are waiting for suggestions and are ready to help you out. Their job is constantly evaluated by administrators and can be criticized in public by Players on the server forum. On our server you shall not find GMs getting involved into discussions on public channels or adressing Players without respect. Their job in this project is to make the gameplay even more enjoyable, not ruin it.
The GMs’ job is supported by extended anti-cheat facilities which prevent players from playing not fair, and by clear server rules which apply to everyone who’s a part of our community.
In a word, the server has every feature you can think of. Now it only needs Players, who want to encounter challenges which the game puts for them.
See you in game!

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