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WoWStorm Progression Details

* EXP- 10x (Double exp on weekends)
* Drops- 5x
* Gold- 5x
* Crafting- 5x
* Reputation- 5x

* Free Naxx Tier 7 :love:
* Free Profession Mats :love:
* Daily Custom Quests :love:
* Special Quests
* Custom WoW Client Launcher :ott:
* Low Population Community
* Vote System (Rewards)
* Kill-streak
* PvP Titles
*Realm First Achievements

Our Social Networks

* Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wowsc...51663201736469

* Twitter :http://www.Twitter.com/PGNetworkonline

* Youtube :Scape Goat - YouTube

We welcome everyone to WoWStorm, especially those players who like new and challenging experiences.

* However, WoWStorm is not going to be easy it will take dedication and courage to succeed, but when you do we will have all-new content and more levels as the ultimate challenge and reward for our WoWscape members. Staff here at WoWscape bring to the community of wow emulation a realm dedicated to serious instance and raiding, overall experience like retail where leveling and gearing is an achievement and something to be proud of.

* Players will need to know how to play their classes, how to function in raid and dungeons, and most likely be organized in a guild to be successful WoWstorm is going to be a server for dedicated and committed players and as for rewards to our WoWscape members cataclysm will be released after the first cycle of WoWStorm players complete 'Wrath of The Lich King' then after the cycle of Cataclysm 'Mist of Pandora' will be released as rewarded content to our members.

about WoWstorm:

Server Custom Progression x10 rate.

* Patch: 3.3.5a (Wrath of the The Lich King).

* Low latency (AMERICAN REALM).

* (Custom Core)

* Best Pathfinding and LoS out there.

* Fully functional Wintergrasp.

* Anti-DDoS protection


How To Connect:


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