This week (22.12.2014 - 30.12.2014) we will change a little the server rates.The new rates are below:

Monsters & Quest Xp Rate: x15
Normal/Uncommon/Rare Drops: 10x
Professions Rate: 3x
Honor Gain: 2x
Money Drops: 10x
Reputation Gain: x10
Epic Drops: x10

In 3 weeks since we opened our server we made important fixes and we are trying to fix every bug you are reporting on Bugtracker. If you are interested about fixes we made you can make a check here: B-Zone 4.3.4 | International Blizzlike Project - Changelogs

We are working at a new reward system for events. After a reward made you will win a custom currency named (Deathbringer Event Coin). With coins you can buy things like (Mounts/Fly Mounts/Heirloom etc) from a NPC that will be added in Orgrimmar/Stormwind.

Important: We are recruiting in our team!

We have an available spot on our team.We are looking for someone that can work on our Youtube channeland Facebook page.We need someone with experience in Photoshop and making movies for our server.If you are interested in this spot add on skype: wowb-zone