In the new Spitfire server we have custom database, custom malls, armor, weapons and much more !
We tend to keep us as a community so if you join us you will become a part of Spitfire. If you get more people or help the server out you Will be rewarded.
We just began before by learning how to do this and that properly and now we are making our own database totally customized

Ok bare with us when we say this: The server is Hamachi Public. WAIT DO NOT GO BACK TO THE SERVER LIST ! our server hoster is getting a new connection soon and we WILL be non-hamachi ASAP. So please do not doubt us because of hamachi.. all the GM's here are hard working people and we are customizing all the time.

( mods, i know there is a server here named spitfire aswell.. this is almost a totally new server. Besides the news in that one was old. )

Customization Progress

Fully patch 2.3 capable - FINISHED
Totally Custom Database - FINISHED
Spitfire Custom mall - FINISHED
Slightly better website - FINISHED
Level 1 tier set vendor for all classes - IN THE MAKING
Misc beginner vendor - FINISHED
High level custom weapon vendor - IN THE MAKING
level 10-55 weapon vendor - FINISHED
level 10-55 armor vendor - IN THE MAKING
Many fun events - IN THE MAKING
A level 70 quest rich village with a storyline behind it -

If you're wondering if something new is happening or if some of this stuff is done.. it will be updated in the list above

Ideas of new stuff

A new instance with a little storyline behind it
level 70-80 leveling grounds

General Server Information

Name: Spitfire ( v2 )
rates: see below
Website: ( need to be connected to hamachi to view the website )
Connection Method: Hamachi - again, bare with us.. we are going non-hamachi ASAP

Hamachi network info

Network 1
Name: Spitfire201
pass: lol
Network 2
Name: Spitfire202
pass: lol


XP: 50
Quest XP: 65
Drop: ~10-20 ( depending on the item quality )
Gold drop: 70

Our GM's are:
Wheeze - The server owner & starter. done a great deal with the customisation
Known ingame as: Wheeze or Dynamic

FSB - The more fun-going GM
Known ingame as: Anthar, FSB, Oklahomo and Hommi ( he has a shaman.. forgot his name )

Kaledon - The moderative & overlooking GM
Known ingame as: Kaledon or Thaledon

Spitfire Contributors

Pyro - Been active on the server since it started
Yuhi - Been with Pyro since it started but pyro is kinda more active
David - First one to level from 1-70 on the server and is active too
Andri - Second to 70 and is also active
Brynsi - He got some leveling boosts but he got to 70 and been around for a while now
Become a great part of Spitfire and you'll make this list
( GM's do not get to be on this list. )
Connection Guide

1. Download & install hamachi from

2. When you're at hamachi press the triangle button in the lower right corner and press "Join exsisting network"

3. Type this in:
Network name: spitfire201
network pass : lol
and if spitfire201 network is full join spitfire202 instead.. same password.

4. Now go to your World of Warcraft folder ( Typical root path is: C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft/ ) and open up with notepad.

5. Change
set realmlist
set patchlist
set realmlist

6. Now go on this website: http// and create an account ( need to be connected to hamachi to connect to website )
7. Login to your freshly created account and enjoy Spitfire's company

GM Applications are open but will neither be declined nor accepted until we get more people !