Greetings fellow adventurer, and welcome to your dream home.

Neverendless-wow is a World of Warcraft Private server, here you can play the Cataclysm version patch 4.0.6
You'll level up FIVE times faster. And hopefully, with a guild. A guild which you will help me form!
We shall create this guild with pride and see it grow as our own child.
Once the guild has grown to it's full potential (a 10 man PvE guild), we shall start the raiding.

So join and create a horde character and whisper the mighty Lolwhat, a blood elf Paladin.
If you are interested in raiding that is. Raiding the best patch off Cata, 4.0.6.

Reputation gain is also increased by three times, so you'll get your pre-raid gear quicker.
So far we are a small community, but getting eight fine raiders shouldn't take long. We are currently leveling I might add, so let's hope for some dungeon fun during the leveling.

Thanks for reading and I hope I'll see you soon.

PS. Contact me by either posting something here, PM me or contact me in-game

Double PS. I got link for Cata 4.0.6 download torrent or non-torrent (I recommend non-torrent as it was a lot faster, although you'll have to patch some stuff in-game)

And the triple PS. No hatin' pretti please.