We would like to present to you our World of Warcraft server Aria-WoW working on TBC expansion. It's a return of Apocalypse-wow during it's heyday. Aria is a High rate server where we pay a lot of attention to a High Quality PvE/PvP gameplay which we provide by fixing our server Core. We are still scripting all instances so that the gameplay will be smooth and enjoyable without crashes and other inconveniences. Of course we don't forget about quests and spells. If we find any bugs connected with them we try to fix them as soon as possible. You don't have to worry about your character, our backup system saves everything each 6 hours so everything you get in game is kept safe.

Aria is a Polish project directed to people from different countries. Our server is located in France.



Server Type: High Rate

Weekend Rate:
Raf: x30

Server Rate:

Exp x17
Quest x17

Raf x20
Honor x3
Reputation x3
Gold x3

Skill x5
Drop Item Poor x1
Drop Item Normal x1
Drop Item Uncommon x7
Drop Item Rare x3
Drop Item Epic x1


Realm Type: PVP / PVE

Riding 60% Free

ID Istance: Raid resets weekly , HC - 24h, Karazhan - 4 Days

Calculating Arena: weekly



- stacking soulshards to 20
- stacking Health / Mana Potions to 20
- all flight paths unlocked
- One daily on Badge of justice
- Crossfaction auction house

- No experience for exploration

- You can exchange Eots, AB and WSG marks for AV mark

Team Speak 3: