Join Art of WoW - WOTLK 3.3.5a

- No Hamachi
- Professional and clean forums (Must register to see them!)
- Main page is under maintenance
- Fast leveling to 80! (5x xp rates)
- 24/7 Uptime
- Supports 3.3.5a
- Level Cap is 80
- Custom content, including battleground system with custom tokens and vendors coming soon!

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Register at: Account Registration Page

To learn how to play in within minutes visit:

Main Site:


Hello! I am one of the owners of the server Art of WoW, or Art of Warcraft whichever you prefer.

We are a brand new WOTLK 3.3.5a server that is based in the US and speaks mostly English.

We have very friendly staff, and are looking for friendly people to be a part of our great community! We also have a teamspeak server full of active Staff and players ready to assist you or chat with you at any time of the day!

Any questions or suggestions, feel free to connect to our Teamspeak server or post on our website.

Thank you!